Youths´ Cross to Visit Ruins of Twin Towers

Currently on Pilgrimage in Canada

TORONTO, JAN. 14, 2002 ( The Youths´ Cross will visit the ruins of New York´s twin towers on Feb. 24.

The news was confirmed during the World Youth Day preparatory meeting which ended in Toronto on Sunday.

The initiative is being promoted in an effort to foster hope in the United States, as in Canada. John Paul II entrusted the cross to young people during the first World Youth Day, in 1984. The cross has been making its way around Canada, to stir up interest in the July 18-28 event.

To date, the cross has covered some 20,000 kilometers, and visited 200 cities and peoples. It has crossed three oceans and traveled by sea, air and land — in trucks and on men´s shoulders.

A devotee made an airplane and two pilots available to visit the “deep North” of Canada with the cross. The cross also traveled by ship to the different communities of Vancouver Bay.

Father Thomas Rosica, director of the Canadian Commission for the Preparation of World Youth Day, explained that the “cross´s first miracle is the unity between Ontario and Quebec, between English-speaking and French-speaking” Canadians.

The cross also visited Sherbrooke prison in Quebec, where it was touched by 75 of the 101 inmates.

“Many out of simple curiosity, certainly, but something happened to them all,” said Sebastien Lacroix, who is responsible for the cross´s pilgrimage. “Joy, surprise: the cross speaks for itself. The cross also spoke to them.”

The cross continues on its way, through forests and lakes, hills and oceans, shrines and discothèques, squares and shopping centers, meeting the young and not so young.

“I have seen bishops weep,” Father Rosica said, “yes, because of the energy the cross is transmitting to us. We Canadians are perhaps too rational. And the folly of the cross, with its reasonable irrationality, does us good. It shakes us.”

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