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Papal Texts

Full Text of Pope’s Conversation With Seminarians from Lombardy

‘Starting from Jesus, what can we say? What is, in fact, the kernel of Jesus’ message, of Jesus’ attitude in face of that secularized world? What did Jesus do? Closeness…’


Synod2018: Letter to Young People to be Prepared

Eight-Member Commission Assigned

Pope's Morning Homily

Santa Marta: ‘For the Last Time – Do You Renounce Jesus Christ?’

The Three Forms of Poverty Facing the Disciple

Human Rights and Justice

US: Bishops Issue Report on Aid to Separated Migrant Families

Working with Lutheran Services and Government

Culture & Society

Canada: Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on the Implementation of the Cannabis Act

Re-states Moral and Ethical Concerns

Development and Populations

Archbishop Auza: Sustainable Development Requires more than Profit Motive

Need to Connect Economic, Social, and Environmental

Conflicts, War, Terrorism

Cameroon: Seminarian Killed in English-Speaking Region

Gérard Anjiangwe Shot by Soldiers After Mass


Italy: Pope Receives Antonietta Gargiulo

Survivor of An Attempted Murder by Her Husband


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