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INTERVIEW: American Priest’s New Book Emphasizes the Christmas Message & May Help Faithful Prepare for Lord’s Nativity

God’s Search for Us Highlights the Ideas that Built Western Civilization

Human Rights and Justice

Caritas Offers Stories from ‘Share the Journey’ Campaign

Observing World Migration Day on December 18, 2018

Catholic Church

Uzbekistan: Advent a Time for Spiritual Renewal

‘We are a small flock. We live the season of Advent with great intensity.’

Languages and Literature

Antonio Martín de las Mulas Wins 3th Fernando Rielo World Prize for Mystical Poetry

In Solemn Act at Cervantes Institute in New York

Conflicts, War, Terrorism

Niger: Hope Persists for Return of Kidnapped Fr. Gigi Maccalli

Focus on his Writings During Christmas Season

Liturgy Q-and-A

LITURGY Q & A: Singing or Reciting the Alleluia

And More on ‘Healing Masses’

Pope and Holy See

Pope’s Message for 52nd World Day of Peace

‘Good politics at the service of peace’

Pope and Holy See

Pope Calls to Protect Children from War & Exploitation in Message for 52nd World Day of Peace

Says Peace Is a Challenge that Always Must Be Taken Up Anew


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