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First statements of the Commissioner for Caritas appointed by the Pope

(ZENIT News / Vatican City, 11.25.2022).- “Encouraged by the Holy Father’s initiative and support, we have begun to work together, with the  staff, regional secretariats and member organisations, in order to carry forward and strengthen the  mission of the Caritas Confederation at the service of the poorest and most vulnerable”. These are the  words of Pier Francesco Pinelli, appointed by Pope Francis as Extraordinary Commissioner of Caritas  Internationalis. Caritas is a Confederation of 162 national Caritas agencies operating in over 200  countries and territories around the world.

Work to lay the foundations for the renewal process of the General Secretariat of Caritas  Internationalis has commenced and will end with the General Assembly in May 2023. The purpose  of this work is aimed at strengthening the Confederation’s coordination instrument. This path includes  the full participation of the regional secretariats and national Caritas agencies, which work daily in  their territories to respond to humanitarian emergencies and to promote integral human development  particular for the poor and vulnerable. The renewal of Caritas Internationalis is part of the ecclesial  reform promoted by Pope Francis, which includes the overhaul of all the institutions so that they can,  each according to its purpose, concretely serve the Church’s mission.

“In the six months of the mandate entrusted to us we will propose and put in place new management  and governance tools with the aim of enabling, in the long term, the Caritas Internationalis secretariat  to coordinate the Confederation more effectively, supporting member organisations facing new and  dramatic challenges on the ground in a rapidly evolving context. Humanitarian crises such as the  COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the effects of climate change and the very serious and  pervasive food insecurity call for a reinforcement of our accompaniment of the Caritas organisations,” says Pinelli.

In this process, and in the preparation of the General Assembly, Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle will  play a major role, and he will be particularly responsible for relations with local churches and national  Caritas organisations. “Cardinal Tagle represents a point of reference for my work and his support is  precious to ensure that all Caritas members participate in this journey,” concludes Pinelli.