Pro-life Celebrities Are Speaking Up

Feminist Group Hails Prominent Women

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WASHINGTON, D.C., FEB. 6, 2001( A small but growing number of American media celebrities have begun to step forward to proclaim their opposition to both abortion and the death penalty, the National Catholic Register reports.

«The pro-choice people just took over the idea of feminism in the 1960s and said that you must end this child´s life,» actress Margaret Colin told the Register ( The true feminist heritage, she said, opposed abortion as a denial of femininity. Gone now, she said, is the feminist ideal of having «the right to bear your child and protect your child.»

Colin, who appeared in the films «Three Men and a Baby» and the science-fiction «Independence Day,» credits her mother´s involvement in the pro-life movement for instilling in her a respect for all life.

Even though Hollywood is known for its support of abortion, she doesn´t think she should be regarded as a saint just because she acknowledges the sanctity of life. «It´s life, it´s fundamental,» Colin said.

Feminists for Life, a national women´s pro-life organization with no religious affiliation, recently honored Colin and other female celebrities that they call «Remarkable Pro-Life Women» for defending human life against all forms of violence, including both abortion and the death penalty.

Actress Patricia Heaton was another woman recognized by the organization. Receiving awards is nothing new for Heaton. When she accepted an Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series, she thanked «my mother for letting me out, because life is really amazing.»

Known as the mother on CBS-TV´s «Everybody Loves Raymond,» Heaton defended motherhood in a debate on the Oxygen network.

A doctor on the program had told the audience that the «morning after» pill would allow women «the opportunity — instead of having babies every year — they could actually do something with their lives.» To which Heaton, a mother of four, responded, «Having and raising children is doing something with your life! … And I have to say that having your kids is one of the greatest things you can do.»

But defending life can sometimes be very difficult says another honoree, Kate Mulgrew, star of the television series «Star Trek: Voyager.»

«I practiced my belief at great cost to myself,» the television actress told the American Feminist, a publication of Feminists for Life. Mulgrew had become pregnant at an early age and decided to place her baby girl for adoption. They were reunited two years ago.

She said that though «adoption or abortion almost always promises the mother a legacy of shame and regret, I have to be frank about my experience. I survived it.» She added, «women often don´t believe that they can survive nine months of pregnancy and place the child with an adoptive family. Life is not always easy.»

But life should always be protected, she said. «Life is sacred to me on all levels,» said the self-described liberal Democrat. «Abortion does not compute with my philosophy.» Neither does capital punishment, she added. «Execution as punishment is barbaric and unnecessary.»

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