Muslim Terrorism Has Economic Roots

ROME, MAY 15, 2003 ( This week’s terrorist attacks on Western citizens homes in Saudi Arabia, suggests more an economic character than religious, said Father Pierre Grech, the Secretary General of the Conference of Latin Bishops in the Arab Regions.

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«Every time there is a renewal of the peace process in this region, disconcerting events take place. There must be greater commitment to dialogue to understand the reasons for this hatred, which causes death and destruction,» Father Grech said.

Following the suicide bombings on the night of May 12-13, the priest told the SIR agency that «we are not witnessing a religious conflict, but one of an economic character.»

«There is poverty and suffering here,» he continued. «I think the roots of hatred must be found there, and not so much in religious motivations.»

«The Pope’s commitment to avoid the war in Iraq was very helpful to relations between Christians and Muslims. Many Muslim communities have called on their faithful to follow John Paul II’s example in favor of peace,» he added.

«Of course there is no lack of those who equate Catholics with pro-Westerners. Our commitment as Christians and as Catholics in this region is to avoid these superficial and harmful simplifications. But we also need the help of all the Churches,» Father Grech concluded.

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