Pope Not a Micromanager

A response to: Setting the Record Straight

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A point often misunderstood by many concerns how our Church works. In many ways a proper analogy is how our educational system operates.

We know that there are many more instances of sexual misconduct in the public (governmental) school system. I know of no one who disputes this.

Yet, at the same time, we do not assign culpability to President Obama or Secretary Duncan of the Department of Education. We do not assign blame to the governors of the states. We know that the system does not work that way.

Every state has laws about sexual abuse and the federal government has laws about abuse of civil rights.

In some ways our Church operates in the same way. The man at the top does not micromanage every action of those is subsidiary positions. To be fair, if we are holding our Holy Father responsible, should we not hold Mr. Obama responsible as well, or Mr. Duncan, or our governor?

Is there a way to help others understand better our manner of governance?

Some will not listen. Some will. For those who choose to understand and learn, we have done a service. For those who will not, we have been an example of truth. They will, at some time, have an opportunity to accept the responsibility for refusing to learn.

Monsignor Bill Young

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