Mexican Bishops Protest Same-Sex "Marriage"

Appeal for Rights of Children to a Father and Mother

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MEXICO CITY, AUG. 18, 2010 ( After two Mexican cardinals were criticized for speaking out against the legalization of same-sex «marriage,» the rest of the bishops in that country rose to the defense of free speech.

Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, archbishop of Mexico City, and Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, archbishop of Guadalajara, were accused of «intolerance» for having spoken out against same-sex «marriage» and adoptions by homosexual couples.

In response, the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate published a communiqué Tuesday, stating, «We lament that on expressing these concepts in public opinion, there are those who recriminate and threaten, warning of intolerance, when tolerance is the possibility that we all express our opinion and positions.»
In addition to warning about attacks on the liberty of expression, the bishops reiterated their opposition to the process carried out in Mexico to legalize same-sex «marriage» and adoption by homosexual couples.

They asserted that the assembly of the Federal District approved it «hastily, without the necessary consultations of the different social authors and without paying attention to the consensus of the majorities, which disagreed with such unions and especially the adoption of children.»

Lawmakers legalized same-sex «marriage» in Mexico City a few months ago. Earlier this month, the Mexican Supreme Court decided that these unions must be recognized in the entire country. On Monday, the court upheld the decision to permit homosexual couples to adopt children.
The decision essentially puts Mexico among the most liberal nations with regard to same-sex «marriage.» In July, Argentina became the 10th nation to pass a law allowing same-sex marriage, preceded by the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and Iceland. In the United States, same-sex «marriage» is recognized in only five states and Washington, D.C.


The bishops’ conference stated that the Supreme Court’s decision was carried out «without going to the bottom of the matter.»

The conference affirmed its «total disagreement with the ruling.»
«We believe that equating these unions with the name of marriage is a lack of respect, both of the very essence of marriage between a woman and a man, expressed in Article 4 of the country’s Constitution, as well as of the customs and culture itself that have governed us for centuries,» the bishops affirmed.
They continued, «The Church, of which all of us baptized form part, watches over the rights of those who cannot defend themselves, and in this case, the weakest of whom are infants.»
The communiqué noted that «the increasing ecological awareness of so many supporters to safeguard the different species by respecting their natural processes must include the human species, the most worthy and aware of its own development.»
«Because of this,» it added, «in nature itself the Church discovers the dignity of marriage between a man and a woman. This encourages us to promote the dignity of the couple and their offspring appealing to natural and moral values.»
The episcopate expressed its «solidarity» and heartfelt support to the cardinals and affirmed that «the moment Mexico is living through requires a lofty debate that unites us and in which all the members of society as a whole resolve the many problems that afflict us.»
Finally, the prelates invited the faithful to pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe «for the decisions of political leaders and for all children who do not have a voice but do have the right to a family that is for them an example of virtues.»
The archbishopric of Guadalajara also published a communiqué, in which it warned that the American Psychological Association has indicated that children who grow up with parents who are in a homosexual relationship have three times as much risk of suffering from depression.
It appealed that the rights of children be respected, noting that they «deserve the best opportunity to be incorporated in society,» taking into account that «all currents of psychology in the world acknowledge that a father and a mother are the best environment for them.»
«The minors were born from the union of a man and a woman,» the communiqué affirmed. «No one has ever been born from the union of two persons of the same sex.»
«Hence,» it concluded, «their development is intimately linked to their origin, and this is their right, which has now been transgressed by the nation’s Supreme Court of Justice.»

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