The Narrow View

Being Aware of Who You Are, Where You Are and Why You Are

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By Kathryn Cunningham

When you take stock of your “world” what do you see?  You know, all the places where you have presence: your home, place of work, church, neighborhood and anywhere else that you frequent.  Is your sphere narrow or broad?  If you think you are operating in a very limited scope you might be surprised!  You’re Catholic, right?  As a person of faith you need to be completely aware of who you are, where you are and why you are.  It’s easy to get distracted by what we have decided are the necessities that we must tend to as part of our identity; Mom, Dad, teacher, teen, boss, student, daughter, son, banker, CEO, or any other responsibility that you might identify with.

As a person who professes the Faith you are among the elite of the world, not just here and today, but in all of time and eternity.  You should have keen knowledge of this if you want to have a faith life that upholds you rather than one that just gives you a “title” when people ask if you have a religion. Unlike any other religion on earth Catholicism gives you the actuality of a living and active God and your personal connection with Him.  Paramount to that is eternal life.  This is not a concept that “happens” at some time in the future but rather a reality that is occurring at this very moment. The Mass, of course, is the very breath of this concept. This is the time when we are face to face with the living God.  There is more to Mass, though, than just the moment of consecration and our reception of God himself.  “The Mass is a mighty bridge which brings the entire Church – living on earth now and those gone on to eternal life—together in an unbreakable unity … [W]e are not alone, we walk in a godly company of saints and martyrs….Our horizons become wider than all the universe, for they span time and eternity.” (Servant of God Catherine DeHueck Doherty).

The idea that the only thing we affect or are affected by is our current time and surroundings is a great deception.  That is a view that is inaccurate because it is too narrow.  As Catholics we are a living part of time and eternity.  With God there are no barriers of time and space, no death.  He and we are ever present.  We reach back into history and family for assistance, wisdom and support.  We reach into the future to be the channel for hope, blessing, miracles,  things we never believed were possible, not only or ourselves, but for others.  That is a life we are living in the present.  It is not something we put off and anticipate by being “good enough”.  Be aware of your position and responsibilities.     

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your spiritual life is in a rut and nothing has moved forward for a long time?  If that is the case, expand the view of who you are in the spiritual realms.  Abandon the narrow view and take on the mantle of someone who is functioning in time and eternity because that’s the truth about who you really are!  That’s by God’s plan, not yours!

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This post originally appeared on The Catholic Writers Guild Blog

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