Nigerian Bishop: We Have Hope Boko Haram Will Be Defeated Soon

Says We Are Praying the Terrorist Organization Will Become Something That Belongs to Past

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While acknowledging that defeating the terrorist group Boko Haram will not happen overnight, Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme of Maiduguri says his people have the faith that it will be.

According to Fides, the Bishop of Maiduguri said, «We have concrete hope that Boko Haram will be defeated soon.

«We are praying that Boko Haram will soon become a thing that belongs to the past.»

Maiduguri is the capital of the Nigerian State of Borno. On Monday June 22, two girls had carried out two suicide-bomb attacks in the city, killing 32 people. In other areas of the Borno State, new attacks, also with suicide bombs, were committed.

While acknowledging these attacks are painful for a high number of victims, Bishop Doeme notes they are intended to show that the terrorist group is still alive and able to strike after the latest military offensives. It is now known, he stressed, that Boko Haram suffered significant losses and lost control of different territories.

“The defeat of Boko Haram fighters will not happen in one day,” he said, noting «it will be necessary to dislodge them from their strongholds, especially in the forest, then proceed towards their complete disarmament».

«We hope that this will happen in the near future,” Bishop Doeme said. (D.C.L.)

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