'Gaucho Priest' of Argentina Admired by Pope Moves Closer to Canonization

Miracle Attributed to Fr. Jose Gabriel Brochero, Well-Known Servant of the Sick and Poor

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The people in the town of Villa Cura Brochero located in the Valley of Traslasierra in Argentina’s Cordoba province are celebrating as the «gaucho priest» moves closer to becoming a canonized saint.

According to Fides, the medical council for the Congregation for Saints’ Causes confirmed a miracle attributed to the intercession of the priest of Traslasierra, José Gabriel Brochero. This second miracle attributed to the Argentine priest admired by Francis involved the surprising healing of many serious injuries of a girl from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Affectionately known as “the gaucho priest,” Fr. Brochero served Argentina’s poor and sick. The priest was beatified on September 14, 2013. That month, Pope Francis sent a letter to Archbishop Jose Maria Arancedo, president of the Argentine Episcopal Conference, on the occasion of the priest’s beatification. In the letter, Francis highlights his joy that “this shepherd who had the smell of his sheep” was moving a step closer to becoming a canonized saint.

Saying Fr. Brochero brought Jesus to each family, the Pope stressed that he was a living embodiment of the Gospel, who worked tirelessly to bring the mercy of God to all. “He did not stay in the parish office, but instead pressed on, ranging through the parish atop his mule, becoming ill with leprosy, seeking his flock, bringing faith to the street.» In attending to the needs of others, Fr. Brochero contracted leprosy and became blind from the disease.

The people of Villa Cura Brochero,  Fides reported, have been greatly anticipating the paving of the way for the selfless priest to move along in the canonization process.

Speaking yesterday to Cadena 3 (Local Radio), Bishop of Cruz del Eje Santiago Olivera expressed his hope  that if the seven doctors had declared that what happened goes beyond scientific knowledge, «it would be a very important step: it would open the doors to canonization, I do not know when, in 2016 or in 2017.» (D.C.L.)


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