Pope's Morning Homily: 'Let's Ask Ourselves: Are We Unfair Judges in Our Hearts'

At Casa Santa Marta, Francis Says ‘Jesus’ Mercy Fulfills the Law’

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“We, too, judge others in our hearts: are we corrupt, or not yet? Stop. Let’s stop ourselves, and let us look to Jesus, who always judges with mercy: ‘Neither do I condemn you. Go in peace and sin no more.”
According to Vatican Radio, Pope Francis said these words today, April 3, 2017, during his daily morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, while reflecting on today’s readings.
Today’s Gospel according to St. John, tells of Jesus’ mercy toward the woman caught in adultery. The first reading, from the Book of the Prophet Daniel, on the other hand, told of Susanna, the innocent woman and wife who was falsely accused of adultery.
During his homily, the Pontiff discussed the significance of Jesus’ fulfillment of the law: what it means, and how He accomplishes it.
There have always been corrupt judges, the Pope said, noting there still are corrupt judges everywhere in the world.
“Why is there corruption in people?” the Pope asked.
He noted that sin is one thing: “I have sinned, I’ve stumbled, I’ve been unfaithful to God, but then I try not to do it again, or I try to set things right with the Lord, or at least I [admit] that all is not well.”
“Corruption, though,” Francis defined, “is when sin enters ever more deeply, ever more deeply, ever more deeply into your conscience, and will not leave you room even to breathe.”
Everything that becomes sin, the Pope explained, is “corruption.” The corrupt, Francis warned, believe“with impunity” that they are doing good.
The elderly judges, in the case of Susanna, “were corrupted by the vices of lust,” threatening to give “false testimony” against her. Nor was it either the “first case” recorded in Scripture of false witness: The Pope recalled also Jesus own case, his condemnation on false testimony.
“In the case of the true adulteress,” we find other judges, Pope Francis said, who were “out of their gourds” having allowed there to grow in their minds an interpretation of the law that was, “so rigid as to leave no room for the Holy Spirit:” that is to say, “the corruption of legality, of legalism, against grace.”
Then there is Jesus, the true Teacher of the Law, before the false judges who had “perverted the heart” or gave unjust sentences “oppressing the innocent and absolving evildoers.”
Sin No More, Mercy
“Jesus says few things, very few things. He says: ‘He that is without sin, cast the first stone at her.’ To the sinful woman [He says], ‘I do not condemn you. Do not sin any more’ – and this is the fullness of the law, not that of the Scribes and Pharisees who had corrupted their minds by making so many laws, many laws, without leaving room for mercy.
Jesus, Francis underscored, is the fullness of the law and God judges with mercy.
Leaving the innocent woman free, to whom Jesus says “Mother” because – Pope Francis said – “His mother is the only innocent one,” for the corrupt judges are reserved “not nice words” through the mouth of the prophet: “wizened with vices.”
Therefore, the Pope’s invitation is to think of the evil “with which our vices judge people.”

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Deborah Castellano Lubov

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