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Santa Marta: Pope Warns of Christian Hypocrisy

Christianity not a ‘Social Habit’

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At the morning Mass at St. Martha’s House, October 5, 2018, the pope denounced «the hypocrisy of the just», where we see Christianity «as a social habit», in the «fear of letting love «: we leave Jesus in the church, without living daily with him, he said in his homily reported by Vatican News.
Commenting on the gospel (Lk 10:13-16) where Jesus rebukes Corazin and Bethsaida who reject him, the pope emphasized that he wanted to «reach all hearts, with a message that was not dictatorial, but a message of love.”
But even Christians forget it, he lamented: «We are used to it … And this attitude is harmful to us, because it reduces the Gospel to a social or sociological fact, rather than a personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus speaks to me, He speaks to you, He speaks to each one of us. Jesus’ preaching is meant for each one of us. How is it that those pagans, as soon as they heard the preaching of Jesus, went with him; and I who was born here, in a Christian society, have become accustomed to it, and Christianity has become like a social habit, a garment that I put on and then lay aside? And Jesus weeps over each one of us when we live out our Christianity formally, not really.»
Jesus weeps on each of us when we live Christianity formally, not really,» insisted Pope Francis: «the hypocrisy of the just is the fear of the love of Jesus, the fear of being loved. And in reality, when we do this, we seek to manage the relationship with Jesus ourselves. «Yes, I go to Mass, but you stay in the church and I go home» … And Jesus does not return with us: in the family, in the education of children, in school, in the neighborhood … so Jesus stays there in the church … where he stays on the crucifix or in the image. »
The pope invited to an examination of conscience, with «this chorus»: «Unhappy are you, because I gave you so much, I gave of myself, I chose you to be Christian, Christian and you prefer a life half, a superficial life: a little Christianity and holy water, but nothing more. In reality, when we live this Christian hypocrisy, we drive Jesus out of our heart. We pretend to have it, but we chased it away. «We are Christians, proud to be Christians», put us as pagans. »
He concluded with this prayer: «Lord, you have given me so much. My heart is so hard that it does not let you in. I have sinned ingratitude I am an ungrateful, ungrateful … Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to open wide the doors of our heart, so that Jesus can enter. «

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