Synod2018: Bishops from Poland Offer Summary of October 6

Let us Help Young People Listen to Jesus

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The word “listen” is one of those most frequently repeated in the synod. In a special way, the need for the Church to listen to the voice of young people is emphasized. This is very important, but our task is, above all, to help young people to listen to the voice of Jesus, said Bishop Florczyk from Poland on Saturday during the third working day of the synod.

On Saturday, October 6th, the synod’s participants discussed in working groups, concentrating on the first part of the working document of the synod, the Instrumentum Laboris, dedicated to the analysis of the context in which young people live and the actions the Church undertakes to meet them. In the afternoon, there was a meeting that brought together the Pope and the Synod Fathers with young people.

“There are many good young people among us who are fulfilling themselves in the Church, by listening to the teachings of Jesus. Those who are outside the Church are not obliged to listen to the Church; they should listen to Jesus. If they listen to Jesus, they will also be in the Church, for their own benefit. By listening to Jesus, they will find happiness,” emphasized Bishop Marian Florczyk at the end of the discussion in the work groups devoted to the first part of the synod’s working document (Instrumentum Laboris).

“The great value of working in groups is the great care that our reflection may be for the entire Church, and not just for Europe. At the same time, we want it to be a testimony of the life of the Church, and so, of what belongs to God’s mystery in the community of the Church. This is the main motif that accompanies us, since it is inscribed in the life of the community and the conditions in which young people live their youth, with their dignity and their important place in the Church,” noted Bishop Marek Solarczyk at the end of this new day.

On Saturday afternoon, the Pope and the Synod Fathers met with young people from all over the world. The meeting was primarily focused on testimonies given by young people who shared, among other things, how they got out of bad habits or addiction. They confessed that it was often precisely faith in God that gave them strength. At the end of the meeting, young people asked some questions. The Pope said that he preferred not to answer them because that is what the synod fathers will be doing during the deliberations. The Holy Father drew attention to several important issues. He encouraged the young people to avoid looking in the mirror but to look instead ahead at the horizon before them. He warned them not to become addicted to mobile phones, because everyone at the table during meals may end up with their phone in hand, and there will be no dialogue in the family. He invited us to draw on the wisdom of the elderly, especially grandparents because they are the roots of the family. In response to one of the questions, the pope asked the young to be aware of their value, not to sell themselves, and take part in what is authentic and coherent.

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Paweł Rytel-Andrianik

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