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Statement to Politicians of South Sudan by Bishop of Tombura-Yambio

‘True leadership is in favor of young people’

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“People from all walks of life are urging South Sudan to achieve peace. Foreigners are even investing their money for this goal. They all want peace for our country. It is time for leaders to show true leadership”: this is the appeal launched by Mgr. Edwardo Hiiboro Kussala, Bishop of the diocese of Tombura Yambio, who has returned to talk about the peace agreement in the country, reported Fides News Agency.

The Bishop also expressed some disappointment at how the understanding is proceeding. Hiiboro urged leaders “to think about the good of the country’s population, especially children and young people, who are denied a bright future because of political conflicts”.

The Bishop of Tombura Yambio spoke on the occasion of the distribution of books for primary and secondary school students in the western states of Gbudue, Tambura, Maridi and Amadi, four of the 32 that make up South Sudan.
The event was held in the Curia of Yambio thanks to donations from the association of Catholics of the diocese who live in America.

“The distribution of the books was expected last year, but adverse weather conditions did not allow it. It was the best gift to start the academic year and promote literacy in the region. We strengthen not only school libraries, but also public ones. We encourage the culture of reading because thanks to it, great things happen”, said the Bishop, thanking the representatives of the four states, and added that, despite political instability, the ministries of education in their respective states have never remained vacant.

The diocesan coordinator for education, Ceasar DauDau, praised and thanked the donors for the initiative that will contribute significantly to helping students on their academic journey. “The problems in this country are the result of illiteracy. Politics came before technical development, unlike what happens in other developed countries. It is time to change this mindset”, said a collaborator operating in the state of Gbudue.

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