Beginning of Francis' Pontificate in 2013. Photo: Vatican Media

Ten Years After the Beginning of Pope Francis’ Pontificate, What Is Still Pending?

The Assessment the Pope proffers as a question is that which he will share with the Cardinals in August, specifically on the Reform of the Roman Curia.

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(ZENIT News / Vatican City, 04.07.2022).-One of the most interesting questions and answers that emerged from the Pope’s interview with the Argentine TELAM Agency revolved around the 10th anniversary of the Holy Father’s Pontificate, which will be observed in 2023. 

Contextualizing the question in the framework of those 10 years, the interviewer said to Pope Francis that the decade is an opportunity for assessment, to then be able to ask him: “Were you able to fulfil your objectives? What projects are still pending?”.

Th Pontiff clarified that what he has initiated are not personal projects but the Cardinals’ mandate in the Pre-Conclave of 2013.

“The things I did I didn’t invent or dream about after a night of indigestion. I picked up all that we Cardinals said during the Pre-Conclave meetings, about what the next Pope should do. Then we talked about the things that had to change, the points to be addressed. What I initiated is what all requested. For instance, part of the Reform of the Curia ended with the new Apostolic Constitution Praedicate Evangelium. After eight and a half years of work and consultation, what the Cardinals requested was achieved, changes that were already being put into practice. Today there is an experience of a missionary type, Praedicate Evangelium, namely, “be missionaries.” Preach the Word of God, that is, the essential thing is to go forth.” 

And he added:

“Curiously, in these meetings there was a Cardinal who said that, in the text of the Apocalypse, Jesus says: “I stand at the door and knock. If someone opens to me, I shall come in.” Then [the Cardinal] said: “Jesus is knocking, but so that we will let Him come out, because we have Him imprisoned.” That’s what was requested in those meetings of Cardinals. And, when I was elected, I put it into effect. A few months later, consultations took place until a new Constitution was put in place. Meanwhile, changes were taking place, in other words, they are not my ideas. Let this be clear. They are ideas that the whole College of Cardinals requested.”

This answer enables one to identify a continuity with something the Pope also referred to on Sunday, May 29, 2022, and that faded in the background after the announcement of the creation of new Cardinals. On Monday and Tuesday, August 29 and 30, there will be a meeting of all the Cardinals to reflect on the new Apostolic Constitution Praedicate Evasngelium.” In other words, the assessment posed in this interview as a question is the assessment Pope Francis will offer the Cardinals this coming August, specifically on the Reform of the Roman Curia. 

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Jorge Enrique Mújica

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