Gian Piero “Wue”. Photo: Alpha and Omega

Pope Francis Will Be 85 on Saturday and This Is the Person with Whom He Will Celebrate His Birthday

Gian Piero “Wue”, 75, National Prize for Kindness, was abandoned as a child and is now suffering from a degenerative disease. He will spend the Holy Father’s birthday with him.

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Valentina di Giorgio

(ZENIT News / Rome, 14.12.2022).- Pope Francis will be 86 on Saturday, December 17, and he has decided to celebrate his birthday with an Italian indigent, whom he will receive in private audience. 

Gian Piero “Wue,” a 75-year-old indigent, received the National Prize for Kindness in 2021 because he uses the coins he receives to feed other poor people. “Wue,” Genoese by birth, lives in a borrowed store in the city of Viarregio, in the Italian region of Tuscany. Years ago he worked as a chef in a hotel, but after being diagnosed with a degenerative disease, he found himself in need of the street.

Gian Piero’s life hasn’t been at all easy: he was abandoned by his parents as a child and grew up in an orphanage in Genoa, city of his birth. Although he was inclined to painting, he had a great job: chef in the Hilton Hotel, but he had to abandon his job due to his illness. 

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