Screenshot video that has since circulated to Europe via civilian sources

14 Christians murdered in Congo after refusing to convert to Islam

The events occurred near the center of Eringeti approximately ten days ago and were documented in a chilling video that the jihadists disseminated and which reached Europe through civilian sources.

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(ZENIT News / Nord Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, 05.31.2024).- In a horrifying attack near the town of Eringeti, fourteen Christians, predominantly young people, were slaughtered by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an armed group affiliated with the Islamic State since 2019. The victims were executed with machetes and Kalashnikov rifles after refusing to convert to Islam. This atrocity occurred roughly ten days ago and was captured in a chilling video that has since circulated to Europe via civilian sources.

The video, narrated in Kiswahili, includes the voice of a young Congolese captive who was forced to convert to Islam to escape execution. Sources indicate that such brutal assaults are a weekly occurrence in the region. The ADF frequently raids villages, setting fire to homes and abducting young Christians and animists. These captives are then subjected to indoctrination and drug use, turning them into child soldiers.

The latest attack took place in Maji Moto, situated between Oicha and Eringeti, about 40 kilometers from Beni, during the night from Thursday to Friday. This assault resulted in at least four fatalities. Over the past decade, mercenaries from Libya, Sudan, and Chad have been observed fighting alongside the ADF. Originally from Uganda and once funded by the Sudanese government, the ADF has entrenched its operations in the former Zaire, near the Ugandan border.

Recent months have seen a sharp increase in ADF activities, forcing local populations to flee their homes. The rebels finance their operations through the illegal trade of cocoa, precious timber, and gold, with additional financial backing from international sources. These acts of terror, under the guise of religious motives, are strategically aimed at depopulating resource-rich areas for exploitation and the establishment of jihadist training camps.

Meanwhile, Goma, the capital of Nord Kivu, remains in a state of crisis due to the ongoing threat from the M23 rebels, supported by Rwanda, who seek control over lucrative mineral trade routes, including coltan and diamonds. The region also contends with the presence of other armed groups, such as the Mayi-Mayi militias, notorious for their banditry.

The international community has largely remained passive, observing the escalating violence from a distance without taking substantial action. The local population continues to endure the devastating consequences of these conflicts, with little hope for immediate relief.

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