"The Most Shameful Traffic by the Adult World"

Interview with Founder of Rainbow Telephone Association

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ROME, AUG. 30, 2001 (Zenit.org).- Europe has been horrified to learn about pederasty sites on Internet, revealed by the Rainbow Telephone association.

The association was founded by Father Fortunato Di Noto, who for the past five years has been informing civil and judicial authorities on the presence of criminal organizations on Internet.

Father Di Noto has just collected documentation, including hundreds of photographs of children, ranging in age from 9 months to 2 years, who have been sexually abused and tortured. The background of the snapshots seems to indicate that they were taken in Italy.

The priest, who has received numerous death threats, has handed over the evidence on these Internet sites to Italian justice and an American group, Missing Children, which maintains a file on such children.

In an interview with ZENIT, Father Di Noto talked about this scourge.

–Q: What is the situation of pederasty on Internet?

–Father Di Noto: I think that, having arrived at this point, we are faced with more than one could ever imagine. I am speechless over the latest revelation. As a man, as a priest, believe me, I feel very badly, including from a physical point of view.

I think all this should be seen by the whole world: This horror should be seen, this almost sacrificial cruelty against these children. I think these innocents want us to speak out on their behalf. There should be important political and social commitments to stop this phenomenon, which seems to have entered normal life. There is nothing normal in all this!

It is intolerable that in the year 2001 there are still millions and millions of children who are subjected to the most shameful traffic by the adult world.

–Q: Do you feel alone in this battle?

–Father Di Noto: Public awareness is growing. There are many fathers and mothers on our side, as well as many wonderful policemen and judges. What is important is not to be impeded by bureaucratic meanders, but to take concrete, well-directed action. …

I think a new political strategy must be launched — and why not also judicial and international? — that will make possible much faster intervention, which will place man´s dignity first.

–Q: But, who is behind all this?

–Father Di Noto: I think that behind [all this], really, are structures that earn enormous sums of money selling these children´s skin. A pornographic pederastic site earns several million dollars a year.

According to FBI sources, pornographic pederastic business reaches $10 million a year. Who is behind this colossal amount of money? Criminal organizations — financial organizations that actually use children´s pictures and their very lives.

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