TORONTO, AUG. 8, 2001 ( In a videotaped greeting from the White House, U.S. President George W. Bush told the Connecticut-based Knights of Columbus meeting in Toronto that together, the government and the Knights could "make a difference for our children, our future and our world."

Here is the complete text of Bush’s greetings to the Knights.

* * *

I’m so pleased to address the 119th Annual Supreme Council Meeting of the Knights of Columbus. Last month I had the great honor of meeting with Pope John Paul II in Italy. He is an extraordinary man who has deeply influenced the political, moral and intellectual history of the modern world. The Holy Father teaches us to respect the dignity of every person because every person is a child of God. Pope John Paul II has dedicated his life to lifting the lives of others. His actions are rooted in the Catholic Church’s grand tradition of service and compassion.

And it is this same tradition that motivates and inspires the Knights of Columbus. Since 1882 the Knights of Columbus have served as the strong right arm of the Church. As the largest lay organization of the Catholic Church your members are helping to create what Pope John Paul II has called a "Culture of Life." Your charitable contributions and your volunteer service are known and respected all across America. In the past decade the Knights have donated more than $1 billion to numerous charitable causes and nearly 500 million hours of volunteer service. This is a great legacy worthy of your great organization.

It is fitting that this year’s theme is "Put Out into the Deep." This is what you have been doing for years, and it is what I know you will continue to do for years to come. You have always been willing to take on difficult challenges, discuss profound issues and focus on the deeper meaning of life.

As president, I’m doing my part to help usher in a Culture of Life, working to empower faith-based and community groups, to help provide hope and help to those in need, and seeking to improve our schools so that our children have a better start and a better future. I’m attempting to do it in ways that bring honor to this office and dignity to the process.

By working together, those of us in government and those of you in the Knights of Columbus can make a vital statement, but more importantly we can make a difference for our children, our future and our world. Thank you all for listening, and may God bless you.