Church in Britain Publishes Popular Manual on Ecumenism

LONDON, JAN. 13, 2002 ( The Catholic bishops of England and Wales have published a major new resource for ecumenical dialogue.

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«The Search for Christian Unity» is an 80-page popular adaptation of the Holy See´s «Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism.»

In his foreword, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O´Connor writes: «I wish to wholeheartedly commend this popular version of the Ecumenical Directory. It is my sincere hope that through the study of this document the work of ecumenism will be given new impetus in dioceses and parishes.»

«The Search for Christian Unity» is set to be a best seller in the field; around 4,000 copies have already been pre-ordered from dioceses and ecumenical networks in Britain, Ireland and Canada.

In making the directory more accessible, «The Search for Christian Unity» includes study questions and points for action. It has five chapters:

1. «The Search for Christian Unity» makes the Catholic Church´s ecumenical commitment clear.

2. «Organization in the Catholic Church at the Service of Christian Unity» describes how the Church officially structures its search for unity.

3. «Ecumenical Formation in the Catholic Church» deals with the vital issue of learning about ecumenism and forming an ecumenical attitude.

4. «Communion in Life and Spiritual Activity Among the Baptised» spells out appropriate ways of sharing in prayer and in both sacramental and non-sacramental worship.

5. «Ecumenical Cooperation, Dialogue and Common Witness» looks at practical details of working, witnessing and sharing in dialogue together.

«The Search for Christian Unity» was approved for publication by the bishops of England and Wales in November.

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