Canadian Bill Would Ban Cloning But Allow Research on Embryos

OTTAWA, MAY 10, 2002 ( A Canadian official unveiled new legislation that would ban human cloning, but allow research on embryos if «necessary.»

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The legislation unveiled Thursday aims for a Canadian compromise between restrictions on embryonic research in the United States and an expansive law in Britain that allows researchers to create, and destroy, embryos solely for study, the Globe and Mail newspaper reported.

The latter practice will be banned in Canada under the new law, and researchers will have to apply to a new agency to have access to the «spare» embryos created at fertility clinics. The Catholic Church condemns such abuse of tiny human beings.

The proposed law would ban sperm or egg donors and surrogate mothers from being paid for their services except for «reasonable expenses,» such as parking and maternity clothes, which they can prove with a receipt.

«The main purpose of this legislation is to protect the infertile community,» Health Minister Anne McLellan told reporters after unveiling the legislation.

McLellan said she hopes the legislation passes through the House of Commons before the summer break. It is expected to be controversial, particularly because of the moral issues raised by embryonic research.

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