Christmas Message Aimed at Palestinians and Israelis

From Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Who Sees Signs of Hope

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JERUSALEM, DEC. 21, 2005 ( Christmas invites Palestinians and Israelis to overcome their mutual fears and to love one another as children of God, says the Latin-rite patriarch of Jerusalem.

Patriarch Michel Sabbah presented his Christmas message today to journalists gathered in the patriarchate’s headquarters.

The patriarch explained that the text is a message addressed not only to Christians but «to all Palestinians and to all Israelis: God created you not to fear or to kill each other but to love each other, to build and to cooperate together.»

The message goes on to address politicians, both Palestinian as well as Israeli, who, by their policies, can decide the fate of so many people.

«Be builders of life, not of death,» it reads. «Understand, after such a long time of demolition, death and fighting that these ways could not and will never produce anything but more demolition, death and fighting.»

Adding fuel

According to the patriarch, «Any delay of a solution, with the ongoing injustice under its different aspects, the wall, the gates, the prisons or the assassinations, will only add fuel for violence.»

«When injustice, the cause of violence, ceases, violence will stop and security will reign,» he points out.

«We hope that we can begin a new period in which all violence will stop on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian alike,» continues the patriarch.

«We say it again: Security for the Israelis means liberty and sovereignty for the Palestinians,» he stresses.

Patriarch Sabbah reflects his optimism in the message. «The present Palestinian position asking for its rights through ways of nonviolence and peace, means that peace and justice are possible.»

«Also on the Israeli side we have seen signs and heard expressions indicating a new vision and a new decision,» he notes.

«We know that the difficulties are numerous,» the patriarch adds. «Without good will every difficulty will prove an insurmountable obstacle. On the contrary, good and sincere will reduces all difficulties and finds the appropriate solution for it.»

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