Cardinal Naguib on Future of Egypt

«Now It Is Time for the Serious, Committed and Decisive Work»

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CAIRO, Egypt, FEB. 14, 2011 ( Here is the statement released Sunday by Cardinal Antonios Naguib, the Coptic Catholic patriarch of Alexandria, on the new situation in Egypt after the youth movement that began last month resulted in the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

* * *

The Egyptian Catholic Church joins all Egypt’s loyal citizens to thank God Almighty for the wonderful success he granted to the courageous youth of the January 25 movement in which all the loyal citizens participated, by personal presence, emotional participation, or prayer to the Almighty for the good of the Beloved Egypt, or by staying updated on the news with eagerness, anticipation and hope. It was expected to make the change gradually under the constitutional provisions, but the will of the youth and the people determined the events’ course. We are sure that all expectations will be met, God willing.

Thanks are due to the crowds of patriotic youth who motivated the spark from which this movement started off and became an erupting volcano that cannot be extinguished and that gathered all the forces that refuse the wrong situation controlling the country for so long, by looking forward to a better and brighter future for the Egyptian civilization, and gathering around one cause which is the love of Egypt and the dignity of its citizens. Egypt has been making its history for 7,000 years with letters of light and fire. And it is now shining with a new radiance.

Greetings are addressed to the souls of the martyrs who offered their lives for the sunshine of this special historical day. May the Almighty have mercy on them and unite them with the loyal righteous, and may He give consolation and peace to their families, and protect them. We also pray that the wounded are recovered, and that the victims of violence and vandalism are able to reconstruct what was lost or destroyed.

Thanks are due to everyone who contributed to the protection of persons, private and public properties in that critical period: the popular committees, the armed forces, and the security forces. This experience has produced a reality that was absent for so long, which is the unity of the citizens, the youth and the old, Christians and Muslims, without any distinction or discrimination, in purpose and action for the good of Egypt, and for the security and safety in the country. We are certain that these feelings that reigned in the hearts will last for the near and distant future.

Now, it is time for the serious, committed and decisive work, so that Egypt would be at the forefront on the social, economic and political levels, and shine again with its deep-rooted civilization that illumined the world over the centuries. With all the Egyptians, we are looking forward to swift steps that bring about what was declared by the supreme council of the armed forces, which is the reconstruction of the nation on sound constitutional bases.

We want Egypt to have its position among the modern countries. A civil country, a democratic one based on laws, justice and equality, that respects one’s freedom and dignity based only on the citizenship, allows participation for all categories without reducing persons and categories to one member, and achieves what the analysts, politicians and intellectuals have called for in order to prevent divisions that caused distortion in all the fields. Here they are the loyal Egyptians ready for making all efforts for the good of the dear nation. And the Catholic Church with all its institutions will work with them in reconstructing and proceeding along this path for a better future.

God protect Egypt and its leaders, and may He inspire them with the good of the country for the present and the future.

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