Syrian Orthodox School Sustains Damage in Mortar Attack

Archbishopric of Aleppo Denounces ‘Imposed Nightmare’ on Citizens

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By Junno Arocho

ALEPPO, Syria, OCT. 22, 2012 ( A Syrian Orthodox School in Aleppo was struck by a homemade mortar on Friday as violence continues to escalate in the region. The school is adjacent to the Archbishopric complex in the town.  In a press release regarding the bombing the Syrian Orthodox church stated that although the mortar struck the third floor of Bani Taghieb I School where kindergarten classes are located, there were no injuries or fatalities due to a holiday on that day.

«At this juncture it is rather difficult and frankly irrelevant to know the source of the mortar. Missiles fall relentlessly and indiscriminately, day and night over all residential districts of Aleppo. Considering that the Sulaimania District is one of the hot spots of the city of Aleppo, it has its fair share,» the statement read.

«The missiles cause an untold toll of martyrdom, fatalities, injuries and great damages to utilities, infrastructure and antiquities of the oldest inhabited city in the World.»

The Archbishopric of Aleppo denounced the violence, saying that citizens of the town are «driven beyond their threshold of forbearance and fatigue» with the increased attacks, regarding it as an «imposed nightmare» on the inhabitants.

The press release also stated that the Metropolitan of Aleppo, Mar Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, was present the day of the bombing to attend several meetings discussing the upcoming centenary of the school, while stressing that such attacks hinders children’s basic right to education.

«We believe it is high time that belligerent brothers should get together to discuss the need to bring about ceasefire, co-operate to re-establish security and bring back the life to our beloved city, so Aleppians can celebrate Eid and festivities in the usual joyful customary ways and usher the start of a new era of reform and justice,» the press release stated.

The attack on the school as well as the recent bombing in Beirut related to the violence follows the announcement that the Holy Father has named a delegation of the Holy See to Syria. Father Federico Lombardi, Director of the Holy See Press Office, said that preparations are underway for the delegation’s visit.

«The announced mission to Syria of representatives of the Holy See and of the Synod of the Bishops is still being studied and prepared, in order to carry it out as soon as possible and effectively respond to the identified goals in terms of solidarity, peace and reconciliation, in spite of the severe acts which recently took place in the region,» Fr. Lombardi stated. 

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