Pope Francis: "Be Unsettled Because the Love of Jesus is Worth It

Pontiff Sends Letter For 50th Anniversary of Diocese of Inmaculada Concepcion in Argentina

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In a letter addressed to the Bishop of the diocese of the Inmaculada Concepción (Immaculate Conception) in Argentina, Pope Francis sent his greetings on the occasion of the dioceses’ 50thanniversary.

The Holy Father began his letter expressing his closeness with the clergy and the faithful, recalling the time he spent there during Clergy Retreats.

«In these fifty years you have walked and have made a path of disciples of Jesus and announcers of the Gospel: disciples and missionaries, so that all in the diocese may have life in abundance,» the Pope said.

Reflecting on three words: walking, discipleship, and announcing, the Holy Father exhorted the faithful  to not become «settled Christians» who he said «end up like still water.» Regarding discipleship, the Holy Father warned them to not become «know-it-all» Christians. «Without knowing, they close their heart to the Lord; they end up centered in themselves. They are the Christians that we make may call «Christians with themselves and for themselves,» the Holy Father said.

«When one finds themselves with Jesus,» the Pope continued, «they live the wondrous awe of that encounter and feel the need to look for Him in prayer, in the reading of the Gospels. They feel the need to adore Him, to know Him and feel the need to announce him.»

On the final word, «announcing», the 76 year old pontiff called on the faithful of the diocese to become missionaries: Christians who bring the name and teachings of Christ to others. «The Christian walks, becomes a disciple and announces. They are not settled, they come out of themselves: they come out of themselves to announce the Good News of Jesus to the brothers,» the Holy Father said.

Concluding his letter, Pope Francis wished the diocese of Inmaculada Concepción well during their anniversary, while inviting them come of themselves to «be unsettled because the love of Jesus is worth it.»

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