Pope Francis' Video Message to Rome's 'Agostino Gemelli' University Hospital

«Know that I really wanted to meet with you, but, as you know, we are not masters of our lives and we cannot always have it according to our liking.»

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Below is the text of the transcript of the video-message of the Holy Father to the sick of the «Agostino Gemelli» University Hospital in Rome.

Pope Francis, due to a sudden «indisposition,» had to cancel last minute his June 27 scheduled visit to the hospital. To commemorate the 50-year anniversary of its founding, the Holy Father was to visit the hospital and the medical school faculty of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. As a result, Pope Francis made available to patients a video-message he had recorded this Sunday morning. It was also aired on some television programs.

Here below is the text of the video-message of the Holy Father which he sent for the sick of the hospital:


We have started the summer: many leave to rest for a little; vacations are a time when we can be in the company of Jesus for a longer time, or when we can re-read a few pages of the Gospel, or rest. But, the summer also becomes a difficult time, especially for the elderly and for the ill who remain alone and have a great deal of difficulty finding some services, especially in large cities. So, it seems the time to rest is also a time in which the difficulties in life can become even greater.

Let my thoughts go to all the sick, but certainly in particular to the sick of the Agostino Gemelli who on June 27, the feast of the Sacred Heart, were waiting for me. I know that everything was prepared with enthusiasm and passion to remember the 50th anniversary of the ‘inauguration at Rome’s Policlinico Universitario «Agostino Gemelli» hospital attached to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Everything was ready; indeed, as you could see, my closest contributors were already at Gemelli. But a few minutes before leaving I had a bad headache, that I had early in the morning, and I was hoping it would pass. It got worse and added to this was nausea, and so on … I could not go.

I understand the disappointment of not only those responsible, but also of all those who have worked with so much effort and passion. I understand the disappointment of the sick, especially ready to pray together at Mass. I would have liked to greet you personally.

To you who are sick, cared for with love and professionalism of the medical and paramedical staff of the A. Gemelli hospital, I say: cultivate in prayer enjoyment of the things of God, so you can be witness that only in God is your strength. You who are sick, who experience the fragility of the body, can testify strongly to people who are standing by how the precious gift of life is the Gospel, the merciful love of the Father, and not money or power. In fact, even when a person is, according to worldly logic, important, it does not add a single day to their lives.

I thank also from the heart all the administrative staff and the thousands of people that have come to Gemelli from the headquarters of the Italian Catholic University: of Milan, Brescia, and Piacenza-Cremona. To all these people, I extend my personal thanks and know that I know how much dedication and how much passion you put in your work. A cordial greeting to the President of the Giuseppe Toniolo Institute, Cardinal Scola, and Assistant General of the Catholic University, Archbishop Claudio Giuliodori.

Know that I really wanted to meet with you but, as you know, we are not masters of our lives and we cannot always have it according to our liking. We have to accept the fragility. With me, cultivate the confidence that only God is our strength. I entrust you to Mary, and, you, continue to pray for me, because I need it.

[Original text: Italian] [Translation by ZENIT]
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