Schoenstatt Readies to Celebrate 100th Anniversary

Will Have Audience With Pope Francis On Oct. 25

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The Schoenstatt Movement is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary next month.

Festivities will be centered in two cities: in Schoenstatt, Germany, and in Rome, with Pope Francis. 

Preparations began already in 2009 with a group of approximately 30 volunteers and various of the movement’s leaders taking up residence in the Schoenstatt valley, steps away from the Original Shrine, where the movement was founded. The volunteers, who come from about 10 countries, are organizing the celebrations that will be held on October 16-19, in Schoenstatt.  Meanwhile, other leaders and volunteers are preparing the celebrations in Rome, which will be held on October 23-26.

The key day will be October 18. One hundred years ago, on that day, the first Covenant of Love was sealed for the first time by Father Joseph Kentenich and the boys that he spiritually led, with the Blessed Mother in the little chapel in Schoenstatt, now a Shrine with more than 200 replicas around the globe.

Between 8,000 and 10,000 people are expected to participate in the Schoenstatt anniversary celebrations.

The organisation team is trying to make it possible for all participants to enter the Original Shrine around the day of the centenary, which is a big logistic challenge, since it is a small chapel with the maximum capacity of about 30 people. Planners anticipate that everyone will be able to enter the Original Shrine within the framework of the celebrations between the 16th- 19th of October.

One of the most important moments of the celebrations will be on the 25th of October, the day when the Schoenstatt members will meet with Pope Francis at Paul VI Hall to share the experiences of the 100-year history with him.

In Schoenstatt, there will be five presentation areas, dubbed Covenant Tents, where the five main points of Schoenstatt’s contribution to the world will be reflected.  These tents are:  Society, Pedagogy, Youth, Family and Marriage, and Church.  In each one of them, approximately 100 concrete projects will be presented, which contribute to forge the new man, in a society of mutual commitment, in the entire world – according to Schoenstatt’s spirituality and pedagogy.

The importance of inner freedom

The importance of inner freedom, the development of an authentic personality and a deep community life were some of the ideas that moved Fr. Kentenich to express – and put into practice – the principle: “Freedom as much as possible; only the necessary binding attachments, (but not lacking); and the maximum cultivation of spirit possible”.  Schoenstatt’s spirituality motivates people to develop out of love.  Father Kentenich was convinced that everyone has a God-given mission and the means to bring it to completion.

Official information about the international jubilee may be found on

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