Editor: Children Are Not Too Young to Learn From the Pope

Book for First Communicants Presents Messages of Pope Francis

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Pope Francis speaks so simply about God that anyone can understand him, even children, which makes his words a particularly fitting gift for those receiving Jesus for the first time in the Eucharist.

These are the sentiments expressed by the editor of a new book from Ignatius Press and Magnificat designed for First Communicants. 

“Your First Communion: Meeting Jesus, Your True Joy” is an attractively presented compilation of quotes from the Holy Father on various themes, with no further commentary added in.

“His basic message is that in the sacraments we really meet Jesus,” Vivian Dudro, the editor, told ZENIT. “We also meet Jesus in prayer and in the people we serve, but the sacraments are special meeting places with God, in which we receive from him a share in his own life.”

The 48-page hardcover volume presents words a child can understand as the Pope explains that not only in the Eucharist but also in the sacraments of Baptism and Confession we meet Jesus and receive his transforming love. 

The book is designed so that children and their parents will discover that Jesus is indeed their true joy. It includes pages where a child can write a prayer to Jesus and share memories of his or her First Communion. 

Dudro said it is a mistake to delay in introducing children to the faith and indicated that they are capable of understanding and assimilating the Pope’s messages.

“Children are more perceptive than we often think, and they learn precisely when they are given something they do not already know—a new word, a new idea. We should not fear that speaking about our faith in Jesus and his presence in the sacraments is ‘over their heads.'” she reflected. “They are more open to the mysterious presence of God than many adults are.”

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Your First Communion: Meeting Jesus Your True Joy: http://www.ignatius.com/IProducts/278375/your-first-communion.aspx

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