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How Many Times Do You Say 'I Need to Change?' Jesus Invites You to Do It

During 7th Jubilee Audience, Reminds Faithful Jesus Is Waiting to Change Our Lives, Make Us Happy

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How many times do we say we must change and then we continue as we are? Well, Jesus is inviting us to come to him so he can give us happiness.
Pope Francis discussed this during his seventh Jubilee Audience on Saturday morning in Saint Peter’s Square, a meeting that Pope Francis holds monthly for pilgrims and faithful coming to Rome for the Jubilee of Mercy. Drawing inspiration from Saturday’s Gospel reading from St. Luke, the Pontiff focused his meditation on conversion.
Jesus, the Jesuit Pope reminded the pilgrims in the Square, insists again more on the interior dimension of conversion. «In it, in fact, the whole person is involved, heart and mind, to become a new creature, a new person. The heart changes and one is renewed.»
When Jesus calls someone to conversion, Francis explained, «He does not erect Himself as a judge of persons, but does so beginning by closeness.»
«Jesus persuaded people with kindness, with love, and with His behavior Jesus touched the depth of people’s heart and they felt attracted by God’s love and spurred to change their life.«
How often …
«How many times we also feel the need of a change that involves our whole person!» Francis asked. «How many times we say to ourselves: ‘I must change, I can’t continue this way … My life, on this path, won’t bear fruit; it will be a futile life and I won’t be happy.’ How many times these thoughts come to us, how many times!»
«And Jesus, by our side,» he continued, «with His hand extended says to us: ‘Come, come to Me. I’ll do the work: I will change your heart; I will change your life: I will make you happy.’”
Will you believe it?
«But do we believe this or not? Do we believe or not? What do you think: do you believe this or not? Less applause and more voices: do you or don’t you believe? [the people: “Yes!”] “It’s like this. Jesus Who is with us invites us to change our life. It is He, with the Holy Spirit, who sows this anxiety in us to change our life and to be somewhat better.»
With this in mind, the Pontiff encouraged, faithful should welcome the Lord’s invitation and not resist, because only when we open up to God’s mercy, do we find true life and joy.
«We only have to open the door wide, and He does all the rest. He does all, but we have to open wide our heart so that He can heal us and make us go forward,» he concluded, assuring them they’ll be happier.
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