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The Pilgrim App Available Today in Google Play, Windows and the App Store

«Pilgrim» is offered in WYD’s nine official languages, and serves as a comprehensive source of information for people coming to Krakow from worldwide

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 Just days before thousands of pilgrims arrive in Kraków for World Youth Day 2016, the Local Organizing Committee, LOC, launches a mobile app called «Pilgrim» – a must-have during the event.
The app was designed and produced by a local company, Comarch, in collaboration with the LOC of Krakow 2016. The app is free, and now available on Google Play, Windows and the App Store. Just within an hour of being officially launched, the app reached 5,000 downloads.
«Pilgrim» is offered in WYD’s nine official languages, and serves as a comprehensive source of information for people coming to Krakow from worldwide. The app provides useful information not only for people from abroad (i.e. a polish dictionary, information about consulates and embassies), but also for pilgrims from Poland (i.e. tourist information, maps, etc.). Additionally, «Pilgrim» includes religious content (prayers, songs, meditations), the WYD program, and a small guide to Krakow and Malopolska.
One special function of «Pilgrim» is the user’s ability to personalize and tailor it to their particular needs. Thanks to «Pilgrim,» visitors and guests coming to Krakow will be able to readily access information regarding all WYD events, and tips related to transportation (such as, parking spaces, transport zones, etc.). All events and locations can be searched by the user’s location.
The app places great importance on safety measures. For instance, “Pilgrim” includes contact information for emergency services, medical points, and features a first aid guide. For example, the user will find instructions on how to handle a pilgrim who faints or has a nosebleed.
Users are advised to download the app at home or in their respective accommodations where they have access to internet. Once done, however, the majority of functions are offered offline and can be used without data at any time. In the evening, after returning to the place of residence, users can download updates, and any new information inserted by WYD organizers during the day.
Besides spiritual and logistical components, the app incorporates a further aspect, entertainment (a WYD game, quizzes, etc.), recalling the festive side of this event. There are also several multimedia elements. The app connects automatically to WYD’s official twitter account, is equipped with a movie channel recording the ceremonies, and has built-in radio stations which will be broadcasting the events.
For a full lists of the “Pilgrims” services, see below:
· customizable dashboard
· WYD program of events
· Settings: choice of languages, accommodation
· Data transmission
· Location, integration with
· Favorite places and events
· WYD news
· Information from twitter WYD
· Information from twitter Police –
ultimately a new account for WYD concerning
· Religious content: prayers, songs,
· Information about radio stations with
WYD transmissions
· WYD videos
· Maps online and offline
· Krakow and Malopolska Guide
· Weather Forecast
· Small reflections with supplementary reading
· WYD Postcard
· WYD quiz
· Integration with the game Run to WYD,
· emergency contacts: list of embassies and consulates

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