Pope Greets from Window - CTV screenshot

Pope's Greetings Wednesday Night From Archbishop's Residence

«We must get used to good and bad things. Life is this way, dear young people»

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Immediately after a vide-connection with Italian young people, Pope Francis appeared at the window of the Archbishopric of Krakow to greet the faithful gathered in the Square in front. Among the youth was a group of disabled youngsters and orphans.
Here is a ZENIT translation of the Holy Father’s words:

I greet you, I greet you warmly!
I see you with so much enthusiasm and so much joy. But now I want to say something that will sadden your hearts. Let’s be silent. It’s something that has to do with one of you. Maciej […] was just over 22 . He had studied graphic design  and had left his work to be a volunteer of the WYD. In fact, all the designs of the flags, the images of the Holy Patrons, of the pilgrim’s kit, and so on, which adorn the city are his. It was precisely in this work that he rediscovered his faith.
He was diagnosed with cancer in November. The doctors weren’t able to do anything, not even by amputating his leg. He wanted to arrive alive for the Pope’s visit! He had a reserved place in the tram in which the Pope would travel, but he died on July 2. People are very touched: he did much good to all.
Now, all of us in silence, let us think of this companion of the road, who worked so much for this Day; and let us all, in silence, pray from the heart. Each one pray from his heart. He is present among us.
[Silent prayer] One of you might think: “This Pope ruins our evening [with this news].” But it’s true, and we must get used to good and bad things. Life is this way, dear young people. However, there is something of which we can have no doubt: the faith of this boy, of this our friend, who worked so much for this WYD, who has gone to Heaven, and is with Jesus at this moment, who looks at all of us! And this is a grace. Applause for our companion!
We will also meet him one day: “Ah, it was you! It’s a pleasure to know you!” It’s this way, because life is like this: today we’re here; tomorrow we’ll be there. The problem is to choose the right way, as he chose it.
We thank the Lord because He gives us these examples of courage, of courageous young people, which help us to go forward in life! And don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid! God is great; God is good and we all have something good inside. Now I take my leave. We will see one another tomorrow, we will see each other again. You do your duty, which is to cause a din the whole night … And make our Christian joy seen, the joy that the Lord gives you to be a community that follows Jesus.
And now I give you the blessing. And as we learned as children before going away, we first greet our Mother. Let us all pray to Our Lady, each one in his own language. Hail Mary …
[Blessing] Good night! Good night! And pray for me.
[Original text: Italian]  [Translation by ZENIT]

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