Pope Greets from Window - CTV screenshot

Pope's Greetings Thursday Night From Archbishop's Residence

‘Sometimes I’m asked what one must do so that the family always goes forward and surmounts the difficulties. I suggest one must always practice three words …’

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Following his first World Youth Day event with the young people in Blonia Park Thursday evening, Pope Francis appeared at the window of the Archbishopric of Krakow to greet the faithful gathered in the Square in front. Among those gathered were many couples and newlyweds.
Here is a ZENIT translation of the Holy Father’s words:

Greetings [Initial Greeting in Polish] I’m told that there are many of you that understand Spanish, so I’m going to speak in Spanish. I’m also told that there is a large group of newlyweds and young spouses here, in the square, today. When I meet someone who is getting married, a young man that is getting married, a girl that is getting married, I say to them: “These are the ones who have courage!” — because it isn’t easy to form a family. It’s not easy to commit one’s life forever. One must have courage. And I congratulate you, because you have courage.
Sometimes I’m asked what one must do so that the family always goes forward and surmounts the difficulties. I suggest one must always practice three words, three words that express three attitudes [more newlyweds are arriving now]. Three words that can help them to live the married life, because there are difficulties in married life: marriage is something so beautiful, so lovely that we must take care of it, because it’s forever. And the three words are “permission, thank you <and> forgiveness.” Permission: always ask one’s spouse (the wife to the husband, the husband to the wife) “What do you think? Do you think we should do this? Never trample. Ask permission.
The second word: Thank you. How many times a husband has to say “thank you” to his wife. And how many times the wife has to say “thank you” to her husband — thank one another mutually, because the Sacrament of Marriage is conferred by the spouses on one another. And this sacramental relationship is maintained with this sentiment of gratitude. “Thank you.”
And the third word is “forgiveness,” which is a very difficult word to pronounce. Always in marriage, either the husband or the wife makes a mistake. One must be able to recognize it and to apologize, to ask for forgiveness, it does much good. There are young families <here>, newlyweds, many of you have married recently, others are about to get married. Remember these three words, which will help so much in marital life: permission, thank you <and> forgiveness. Let’s repeat them together: permission, thank you, forgiveness. All, louder! Permission (repeat), thank you (repeat), forgiveness (repeat).
Well, all this is very lovely; it’s very lovely to say it in marital life. However, there are always problems or quarrels in marital life. It’s usual for husbands and wives to quarrel, raise their voice, fight. Sometimes plates fly, but don’t get frightened when this happens. I’ll give you advice: never end the day without making peace.
And do you know why? Because the cold war the following day is very dangerous. And what must I do, Father, to make peace? — some of you might ask. Speeches aren’t necessary. A gesture is enough, and it’s over. Peace has been made. When there is love, a gesture settles everything.
Before receiving the blessing, I invite you to pray for all the families present here: for the newlyweds, for those that have been married for some time, and for those that are about to get married.
Let us pray a Hail Mary together, each one in his or her language.
Hail Mary …
[Blessing] And, truly, pray for me! Pray for me! Good night and sleep well.
[Original text: Spanish] [Translation by ZENIT]  

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