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Lenten Message: If the Word Doesn’t Reach Man’s Heart, Everything Becomes Moralism

The Holy Father’s 2017 Lenten Message Is Presented in the Press Office

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If the Word of God does not reach man and change him, everything becomes moralism.
The Lenten message is to prepare hearts to change the world, and this can only come about with new hearts, said Monsignor Giovanni Dal Toso, Delegate Secretary for the dicastery of Integral Human Development, explaining the 2017 Lenten message, which he presented this Tuesday in the Holy See Press Office, together with Chiara Amirante, Founder of the “New Horizons” Italian Community.
“The root of the evil lies in not listening to the Word of God, as well as forgetting the other. Each one will offer his ‘little flower,’ some sacrifice during this Lent, but it must be the reflection of something more profound,” said Monsignor Dal Toso, adding that “It’s not a political message, but it must reach all of us.”
He also explained that in the parable of the rich man and poor Lazarus, the condemnation isn’t because he has money but because he forgets the other.”
For her part, Chiara Amirante pointed out relativism and narcissism as the characteristics of the rich man, the need to seem important and that everything is permitted in the name of success, including devastating creation.
“The history of humanity has been characterized by fear of the other. For example, emigration and the fear of suffering violence,” she added, but “it is necessary to pass from fear to find an answer, and that is why it is necessary to listen to the tragedy that is behind this phenomenon that bothers us,” not forgetting that “the other becomes an occasion to encounter Christ.”
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