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Catholics and Anglicans: “Theological Questions Are Discussed Along Ecumenical Path,” Says Pope

According to Pontiff, Both Theological Agreement and Social Action Are Important: Francis Said This in All Saints Anglican Church of Rome

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In the ecumenical path between Catholics and Anglicans, the priority is to seek theological agreement or in the meantime can they proceed together in social action? Taking a cue from an old affirmation of Benedict XVI, a faithful asked this question to Pope Francis yesterday, February 26, 2017, during his visit to All Saints Anglican Church of Rome.
“Both things are important. The ecumenical dialogue cannot be done by staying still,” answered Bergoglio. According to the Pontiff, “the ecumenical dialogue is done walking, because the ecumenical dialogue is a path and theological things are discussed on the way. But in the meantime we help one another, we, one with the other, in our necessities, in our life, we also help each other spiritually.”
Therefore, the Pope stressed that “theological dialogue must be sought, to seek also the roots, on the Sacraments, on so many things on which we are still not in agreement. But this can’t be done in a laboratory: it must be done walking, along the way.”

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