Pope With Greg Burke on Papal Flight

Pope's Words to Journalists During Flight to Chile

«I dared to write only ‘The fruit of war’”

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Below is a ZENIT translation of Pope Francis’ words to journalists during his flight from Rome to Chile yesterday, Jan. 15, 2018. The Holy Father is making his 22nd Apostolic Visit to Chile and Peru, Jan. 15-22. The Holy Father was presented to journalists by Director of the Holy See Press Office, Greg Burke:
* * *
Greg Burke: Thank you, Holiness. Thank you first of all for this morning’s thought: we all received the card [with the image of the boy] of Nagasaki. And thank you especially for the possibility to travel with you. We are full: 70 persons including, I believe, 12 from Chile and Peru, hence 12 new ones. I take advantage to tell them that it’s a greeting, not 70 questions, when we go around now. That’s all. Perhaps you would like to say something . . .

Photo given by Pope to Denounce War, Nagasaki © Holy See Press Office

Pope Francis: Good morning! I wish you a good trip. I was told by Alitalia that the Rome-Santiago flight is the longest direct flight Alitalia has: 15 hours and 40, or 20 minutes, I don’t know . . . We’ll have time to rest, work, so many things. Thank you for your work, which will be demanding: three days in one country, three days in the other . . . It won’t be so difficult for me in Chile, because I studied there for a year; I have many friends, and I know well  — well, well . . .  I know more –. Instead, I know Peru less, because we have gone there two or three times for congresses, meetings.
Then, Greg was talking about what I’ve given you [the card]: I found it by chance. It was taken in 1945; there is data on the back. It’s a boy with his dead little brother on his back, while he waits his turn, in front of the crematorium, at Nagasaki, after the bomb. I was moved when I saw this [photo], and I dared to write only “The fruit of war.” And I though of having it reprinted and give it, because such an image moves one more that a thousand words. That’s why I wanted to share it with you.
And thank you for your work!
Greg Burke:  Thank you!
[Original text: Italian] [Translation by Zenit, Virginia M. Forrester]
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