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FORUM: Cardinal Dolan on Our Weekly “Snow Day”

Says We Need a Bit of a ‘Snow Day’ Every Day, and Once a Week

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The following is a reflection of Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, entitled ‘Our Weekly ‘Snow Day.’ Published on March 22, 2018 (a ‘snow day’) , it is from Cardinal Dolan’s blog available on his website:

I’m writing this on Wednesday’s “snow day.”  We’ve had quite a few recently.  People like “snow days.”  The joy we experienced as children when we heard, “no school, a snow day” still is the case.
Usually, I catch-up on mail and phone calls.  But, I also do some extended reading, prolong my daily prayer-time some, exercise a bit longer, and even take a nap.  I had an extra cup of coffee at breakfast, and, were it not Lent, probably would have had a martini with the other priests in the house before warming-up supper.
Two observations:
We need a bit of “snow day” every day!  The quiet, the prayer, the bit of leisure, the catching-up with friends – I sure enjoyed it yesterday, but my life would be happier, healthier, and holier if I made sure a portion of that characterized everyday.
We also need a “snow day” each week.  That is Sunday, the Sabbath.  The advice to take a weekly “snow-day” comes from a rather lofty source: the Lord!
The third of the Ten Commandments He gave Moses on Mount Sinai is rather direct: “Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.”
Sure that means Mass for us Catholics, but it also means taking-it-easier, tending to the goods of the mind, heart, and soul, renewing family bonds and contact with friends.
It’s a part of every ancient culture, and a prescription in every popular self-help manual. Christians, Jews, and Muslims take it seriously.
To take time for oneself… which the wise person realizes means making time for God and others.
I saw an advertisement recently for a local store: “Open 24/6.”  Notice: not “24/7.”   I think I’ll shop there… but not on Sunday!

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