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Alfie's Team: Alder Hey Hospital Treats 'Duty to Care' as 'Duty to Kill'

‘Astonishment followed when the police Alder Hey called warned the loving father, trying to stop Alfie from being murdered, that if he tried to touch his own son to move him, he would be charged with assault and kidnapping.’

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Here is an ‘authorised’ press release provided to Zenit. “Authorised” refers to originating from within Alfie’s core team and not by external
sources. It was not reviewed by the legal team in advance nor will future press releases necessarily be reviewed by
the legal team.
Alder Hey Hospital Treats ‘Duty to Care’ as ‘Duty to Kill’ (Press Release of Alfie’s Core Team)
The family of the little boy Alfie Evans are tremendously grateful for the historic show of
support last night outside Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Trust in Liverpool. Alfie’s team
asks that you keep up the support until Alfie is safely released alive. We encourage your
true feelings and opinions to be clear but allow free passage through all entrances and
driveways of the hospital without hindrance.
Alfie is held by Alder Hey hospital against the wishes and rights of his parents. Judge
Hayden has denied that Alfie is imprisoned, rejected (but not dismissed) claims of Habeas
Corpus (false imprisonment), and was silent in court when barrister Paul Diamond stated
that Tom and Kate had the right to walk out of the hospital with Alfie. Thus the legal
conclusions logically followed. The parents exercised their parental rights yesterday, 12
April, formally revoking the Duty of Care from Alder Hey Hospital and its doctors, and
transferred Duty of Care to an air transport specialist, a qualified intensive care doctor from
Poland, for transport to the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome. The transfer of
Duty of Care by parents is a legally enforceable act in Britain.
Alder Hey hospital called in police to stop Alfie’s transfer, locking all doors, setting off a fire
alarm and removing all children from the PICU. This merely proves first that Alder Hey is
acting in violation of parental rights, second that Alfie is indeed a prisoner if the police are
being used and exit prevented, and third their tactics are simply hysterical.
Astonishment followed when the police Alder Hey called warned the loving father, trying to
stop Alfie from being murdered, that if he tried to touch his own son to move him, he would
be charged with assault and kidnapping.
Such an outrageous claim of assault is proof that Alder Hey has lost any credibility, is
completely outside the law in their violation of rights, and has lost any sense of caring for
human beings. They are treating “duty of care” as “duty to kill”. They have proven in every
way that they have intent to murder. They have been given every opportunity for months to
settle this calmly and quietly. Their answer is threats, manipulation, lies, tricks and broken
agreements. Wild fantastical accusations have been made by Alder Hey’s doctors, lawyers
and even the judge. What have they got to hide and what do they gain by the death of an
innocent child? Nothing but power and terrible treatment of innocent Alfie.
A crowd of an estimated 2,000 people, proudly identifying as Alfie’s Army, surrounded the
hospital and blocked the roads for hours, cars honking in support, while allowing free
passage of pedestrians and ambulances. They demanded Alfie’s release and would not
allow the air ambulance team to leave for some hours, demanding that they take Alfie with
The hospital would not comply even after family lawyer Mr Pavel Stroilov arrived to
assist, and the ambulance team left. Since then several more offers from various countries
have come in from other international air ambulance teams, happy to try to extricate Alfie.
Last night at 11:23pm it was publicly posted that our lawyer Mr Stroilov was called to
London to stand before Hayden J. this morning, to explain his formal letter to Tom Evans.
There was no deliberation on Alfie’s case. Mr Stroilov gave his reasons eloquently and
unassailably and was released.
We are outraged that in further legally indefensible steps during the night, the hospital
obtained a faxed order from Hayden J. prohibiting Alfie from being moved from Alder Hey
and threatening his parents Tom and Kate with fines and prison if they attempt to do so.
This once again is completely contrary to their parental rights. All parents are responsible
to protect their child from threats to life, and the hospital is effectively claiming that it is
more dangerous for Alfie to live in peace with love and quality care than to die by the
hands of his doctors. This is not a sign of a free country; this is intimidation and
dictatorship of the state. Hail Britannia.
Happily, thanks to the efforts of Stroilov and Diamond, a court order was also handed
down Thursday, mandating a stay of execution until Monday, when the family’s appeal for
the unanswered claim of Habeas Corpus will be heard. The abovementioned injunction will
also be challenged.
The family wishes to immediately move Alfie by air ambulance to the Bambino Gesu
hospital in Rome, which has offered free care for the rest of Alfie’s life, including the
comfort and health-enhancing standard tracheostomy and PEG feeding tube which Alder
Hey refuses to give. The parents are delighted to accept the generous offer by the
prestigious Carlo Besta Neurological Institute in Milan, putting a staff of 300 at Alfie’s
service for directing comprehensive diagnostics. This will determine the course of Alfie’s
future care and allow the family to put the long-denied questions and concerns to rest.
After the diagnostics and resulting care plan are followed, Alfie will be able to be
transferred to live at home with his parents. Alfie does not need palliative care per se,
because he is not dying. He has suffered injury to his brain of an undiagnosed origin, but
he is improving as he grows and overdoses of sedating drugs are reduced. We can only
imagine what could happen when Alfie receives proper diagnostics and standard humane
care, and the parents are prepared to love and care for their son in any case. Hayden J.
was without justification when he inexplicably declared in court that Alfie had a diagnosis
of mitochondrial disease, a highly disputed idea without proof. The whole problem with
Alder Hey’s actions are rooted in their failure to ever diagnose Alfie. Mr Stroilov pointed
this out in court this morning.
Tom Evans and Kate James continue to gratefully retain the legal representation of
Christian Legal Centre in London, Ordo Iuris in Poland, and the faithful support of Giuristi
Per la Vita in Italy. It is patently false that they have sacked multiple teams of lawyers,
rather only two, who failed to protect Alfie and acted in violation of legal standards,
including interfering uninvited at the hospital last night. This is not an easy type of case to
take on in this country, and several individual lawyers have generously stepped in to help
at different points in time.
Questions may be directed to

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