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#Procession Connects Millions of Catholics at Corpus Christi

Spokesman of the Polish Bishops’ Conference Says Last Year Hashtag Brought 5 Million Poles Together

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Let us create in social media an image of how we live in our countries the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi). Let’s share photos and videos, marking them with the hashtag #Procession – encourages the spokesman of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, Fr. Pawel Rytel-Andrianik. Last year, the campaign brought together 5 million Poles. “I hope that this will be the same also this time”, says Fr. Rytel-Andrianik. If you want to see how the processions in Poland look like, write: #Procesja (procession).
“St. John Paul II said that faith is made stronger transmitting it” – reminds the spokesman of the Polish Episcopate, inviting to share the experience of faith also on Facebook and on Twitter. “The feast of Corpus Christi is a public witness to our faith. We can do it also on social media by sharing photos and videos with the hashtag #Procession. In this way, we will create an image of how we live this Feast in our country” – emphasized Fr. Pawel Rytel-Andrianik.
As the spokesman of the Polish Bishops’ Conference said, the Solemnity of Corpus Christi is the moment when Catholics go out in processions to the streets of cities adoring Jesus and considering the mystery of His presence in the Blessed Sacrament.
“This is not a mere manifestation, but a great prayer of the whole Church, uniting many people who as a community go out to worship Jesus and invite Him to their everyday life. After all, the processions pass through our places of residence, work and entertainment. So we can say that the Solemnity of Corpus Christi emphasizes the presence of God in our midst, in all our matters. We can share this experience also in social media by posting photos or videos with the hashtag #Procession during the Solemnity Corpus Christi and the octave of this Feast” – pointed out Fr. Rytel-Andrianik.
He added that previous campaigns of this type in social media were very popular and showed that among their users there is a need to share the experience of faith. “A very important aspect of such initiatives is the fact that by publishing photos or videos, made for example with a smartphone, we give the possibility of a kind of participation in important religious events. In addition, those who for various reasons cannot take part in procession, can connect spiritually. The #Procession on Twitter and Facebook has also this purpose”, emphasized the spokesman of the Episcopate.
Press Office of the Polish Bishops’ Conferenc

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