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How We Can Experience Joy and a Piece of Heaven on Earth

‘What is beyond the doors of human existence?’ A New book from prolific author sheds light

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Respected author and philosopher Dr. Peter Kreeft seeks to open wide the doors to the “More” — the doors that exist outside of our visual reality, but that contain greater meaning than we can ever fathom. His new book, DOORS IN THE WALLS OF THE WORLD: Signs of Transcendence In The Human Story, is a much-needed treatise on how to capture a glimpse of Heaven on earth and experience joy, which raises us above ourselves.
Dr. Kreeft employs razor-sharp reasoning and irrepressible joy to help us find the doors in the walls of the world. Drawing on history, physical science, psychology, religion, philosophy, literature and art, he invites us to welcome what lies on the other side so we can begin living the life of Heaven in the here and now. With chapters corresponding to the essential parts of a good story, Kreeft, in one example, explores “The Characters” of his story. They include the real presence of invisible friends from beyond the doors in the walls: God, angels, saints and even extraterrestrials.
Kreeft is a master storyteller and DOORS IN THE WALLS OF THE WORLD is no exception.
“Want a wise guide, a Monty Python sketch writer, and a clarity-obsessed teacher who distills practical wisdom from wildly eclectic sources?” asks radio host Patrick Coffin. “Buy this book already.”
DOORS IN THE WALLS OF THE WORLD is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to challenge the status quo of current philosophical ideas. Kreeft wants the reader to know that the old philosophy of traditionalism is actually alive and well, and, in fact, it holds the keys to the Good News that there is “More” on the other side of these doors than what we could ever imagine.

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