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Santa Marta: 'Our God has Feelings'

The Weak Pay the Price of War

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«Our God has feelings,» said Pope Francis at the morning Mass on February 19, 2019, in Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican. At a time that is no better than that of the Flood, he denounced: «it is the weak, the poor, the children … who pay the price.»
God «is not abstract,» and he «suffers,» Pope Francis said in his homily reported by Vatican News. He stopped on «the feelings of God, God’s father who loves us – and love is a relationship – but is able to get angry, to get angry … Our God has feelings.»
«Our God loves us with his heart, he does not love us with his ideas, he loves us with his heart,» the pope insisted. And when he caresses us, he caresses us with his heart and when he reprimands us, he does it with the heart, he suffers more than us … It’s not sentimentalism, it’s the truth. »
«I do not think our times are better than at the time of the Flood,» he said, referring to «people who die in war because bombs are thrown like sweets … it’s the weak, the poor, the children, those who have no resources to live, who pay the price. The calamities are more or less the same, the victims are more or less the same. For example, think of the weakest children. The number of hungry children, children without education: they can not grow up in peace. Without parents, because they were slaughtered by wars … child soldiers … just think of these children. »
Pope Francis invited listeners to ask «a heart like the heart of God … a brother’s heart with his brothers, a father with his children, children with their father. A human heart, like that of Jesus, is a divine heart «. If God «is able to have trouble, we, too, will be able to have trouble before Him,» he added.
And he encouraged: «Let us think that the Lord is afflicted in his heart and approach us of the Lord and speak to him, speak: Lord, look at this, I understand you. Let us console the Lord: I understand you and I accompany you, I accompany you in prayer, in intercession for all those calamities that are the fruit of the devil who wants to destroy the work of God. «

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Anne Kurian-Montabone

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