Santa Maria Maggiore, Assisi - Photo © Wikimedia Commons - Wolfgang Sauber, CC BY-SA 3.0

'Economy of Francesco Available on Social Networks: Website Attracts 2000 Subscribers, 500 Requests to Participate from 45 Countries

Event Also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Flick

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The Economy of Francesco is available on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr so followers can stay up to date on the three days, dedicated to young people, wanted by Pope Francis. The event, to be held in Assisi from March 26-28, 2020, has already received over 500 requests for participation from entrepreneurs and students under 35 from over 45 countries including Japan, Angola, Brazil, United States, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and Cuba. The site has reached 2000 members in a few months.
In preparation for the international meeting in Assisi, workshops, laboratories, study seminars and conferences will be held in Italy and around the world. Events promoted by universities, companies, business networks, organizations, movements, associations to bring out the thoughts and economic actions of young people in preparation for 2020. Several appointments are scheduled. At the beginning of September, it will be the turn of the city of San Francesco with «Percorsi Assisi», then it will be the turn of Spain and Cameroon. On the official website it is possible to accredit one’s own initiatives, “Towards the economy of Francesco”, by filling out the dedicated form.
All information and news are available on the website and the official social channels of the event: Facebook @francescoeconomy Instagram @francesco_economy ; Twitter @FrancescoEcon ; YouTube and Flickr .
The appointment with the Pope will not be a traditional convention, but an experience where theory and practice intersect to build new ideas and collaborations. A meeting, that of March 2020, which starts from the proposals and the work of young people where time slows down to make room for reflection and silence. Workshops, artistic and plenary events with the most famous economists, experts in sustainable development, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who today are engaged worldwide in a different economy and will reflect and work together with young people.
Nobel Prize winners Muhammad Yunus and Amarthya Sen have already confirmed their presence at The Economy of Francesco. And, among others, Bruno Frey, Tony Meloto, Carlo Petrini, Kate Raworth, Jeffrey Sachs, Vandana Shiva, and Stefano Zamagni.
Tightening with young people, beyond the differences of beliefs and nationalities, a pact to change the current economy and give a soul to that of tomorrow because it is more just, sustainable and with a new protagonism of those who today are excluded.
All information is available on the website

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