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George Floyd: World Council of Churches Condemns the Violence and Calls for Justice

Appeals for An End to the Violence

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In the face of the George Floyd case, the World Council of Churches (WCC) condemned the violence, racism, and police brutality and made an appeal for justice to be done.

Afro-American citizen George Floyd, 46, died last week in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after being arrested and pinned to the ground by a policeman who pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck until he was strangled and died.

The Lives of Afro-Americans Matter

 “In our Christian witness in the world, we reject the brutality of violence and racial injustice. Therefore, we express our abhorrence for the murder of George Floyd and we ask that those responsible for his death assume <their> responsibility,” said the WCC in a statement published on May 29.

At the same time, the WCC expressed its regret for “the excessive force used by the United States police against persons of color.”

“How many more must die before affirming collectively that the lives of Afro-Americans matter and before radical reforms are implemented in the culture and practices of the police?”, they asked.

Rejection of Racism

 The statement continued: “For all this to end, conversion, repentance, and rejection of all forms of racism and racial discrimination are needed, as well as a true and genuine recognition  of the equality of dignity and value given by God to every human being, regardless of skin color or ethnic origin.”

The Council also asks for an end to the implementation of “superficial measures,” as there is the need for ”a certain criminal action,” accompanied by “fundamental reforms in the application of the law.”

Strengthen Peaceful Protests

 On the other hand, given the numerous manifestations that in recent days are taking place in different cities of the United States, causing victims and wounds, the World Council of Churches reminded that violence “will never end with more violence.”

Therefore, they made an appeal to “all those that now are expressing their anger with violent protests” to put an end to “violence itself” and “strengthen the peaceful demands for responsibility and reform, until justice is done.”

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