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Harvard University Survey Reveals that Americans Are in Agreement with Supreme Court’s Ruling on Abortion

A new survey reveals Americans’ opinion following the Supreme Court’s decision.

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Tim Daniels

(ZENIT News – Asia News / Milan, 11.07.2022).- On Monday, July 4, the Harris Poll firm and Harvard University published the results of a survey, which showed that Americans are essentially in agreement with the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion. 

Specifically, 75% of Americans think that the Supreme Court must not decide on abortion. 44% say the States must determine the laws of abortion, and 31% think that the Congress should do so. One fourth of Americans think that it’s for the Supreme Court to decide on abortion. 

The survey revealed other interesting facts, such as that 37% would ban abortion altogether except for rape and incest. 49% support the heart-beat law (which avoids the abortion of a baby once the sound of the heart is perceived). A 72% majority supports the vetoing of abortion after 15 weeks (which was, in fact, the case that the State of Mississippi brought to the Supreme Court, obtaining a victory).

A minimum of 10% supports Biden’s and Pelosi’s position on free abortion at any stage. 

Since the Supreme Court’s decision, so far more than 10 States have implemented restrictive laws or veto abortion: Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Dakota, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Utah, Alabama, Mississippi, South Caroline and Tennessee. 

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