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Open Door to Paedophilia: UN Says Children Can Consent to Sexual Relations with Adults

The report seems to suggest that pedophilia could be normalized, at least tolerated and not punished when there is “child consent.” Maybe the UN still does not know how much and how adults condition children?

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Luca Volonte

(ZENIT News – International Family News / Rome, 05.16.2023).- A horrifying Report, published by “international legal experts” and backed by the United Nations, opens the door to the normalization of all sexual phantasies with minors, a worrying regress to the worst and most macabre Communist phantasies of ’68. 

The International Commission of Jurists, with headquarters in Geneva, wrote in March, with the help of UN/AIDS and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, that sexual behaviours — in which individuals under the minimum age prescribed at the national level — may be condoned in fact if not in law — a subtle and clear “de facto” opening to paedophilia and sexual freedom between adults and children. 

The Report, published on the occasion of “Women’s Day,” is entitled “Principles of March 8 for a Focus Based on Human Rights.” The document does not request explicitly the decriminalization of sexual relations between adults and minors but, at the same time, it affirms that children under 18 have both the capacity as well as the legal right to take sexual decisions. 

Hence, according to the UN, children can consent to have sexual relations with adults. The Report does not propose an age of sexual consent, although the recommendations, previously unthinkable, seem to suggest that pederasty could be normalized, at least tolerated and not punished when there is “child consent.” Perhaps the UN still does not know how much and how adults condition children?

This UN Report not only opens clearly the main door to the legalization of pederasty, but also opens wide the door to sex, to any type of sex, between minors themselves, giving international legal content to the insane idea of the “Communist communes,” which dotted the life of diverse cities and Communist groups in Europe and throughout the world  from 1960 to the ‘70s, in which sex, drugs and music were the viaticum of outright anarchy and debauchery.

The International Commission of Jurists that wrote the UN Report is clear in this regard: “In this context, in the case of children under 18, the application of criminal law must reflect the rights and capacity of individuals under 18 to take decisions on participation in consented sexual behaviours and their right to be heard in matters that affect them . . .  

On the basis of their development capacities and progressive autonomy, individuals under 18 must take part in decisions that affect them, taking duly into account their age, maturity and right to be heard. “Persons under 18 must participate in decisions that affect them, taking duly into account their age, maturity and best interest.” 

Is it a coincidence that the principal coordinator of the team of international jurists, which worked on this Report, is a known gay individual? ”Having worked in the legal realm for a long time and as a proudly gay man, I am intimately familiarized with the way in which the criminal law points out which groups are considered worthy of protection and which are considered worthy of condemnation and ostracism,” writes retired judge Edwin Cameron of South Africa’s Constitutional Court in the Report’s Preface, adding that, in this way, criminal law carries out an expressive function and has dramatic consequences in persons’ life. Sometimes it has a gravely discriminatory impact on groups identified with disapproved or stigmatized behaviour.”

Even more unacceptable for any citizen of any country of the world is that this group of experts has been paid by all of us, in the course of a five-year consultative process, after an initial meeting of legal experts convoked in 2018 by the International Court of Justice  — together with the Joint Program of the United Nations on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to debate the role of jurists when it comes to addressing the negative impact of specific criminal laws on human rights.”

Not the UN but all of us are culpable for what happens and can happen and is imposed on us from Geneva to New York. We must demand and be able to choose politicians that represent us and are opposed, even cutting off funding, to such an intimately corrupt and evil international organization. 


The author is a former European parliamentarian. 

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