"It is necessary that communication be oriented towards a fuller life of the human person."

Artificial Intelligence Will Enter for a Second Time in the Magisterium of the Church

This will be the second time that the Holy Father addresses, but in an exclusive way, the topic of Artificial Intelligence, in this case in a message on communication.

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Valentina di Giorgio

(ZENIT News / Vatican City, 29.09.2023).- The Dicastery for Communications has made known the theme of the 58thWorld Day of Social Communications, which will be held in 2024 and focus on Artificial Intelligence: “Artificial Intelligence and Wisdom of Heart: For a Fully Human Communication.”

Summarized here is the theme proposed by the Pope: “The evolution of artificial intelligence systems makes it ever more natural to communicate through and with machines, so that it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish computation from thought, and the language produced by a machine from that generated by human beings. Like all revolutions, this one based on artificial intelligence, too, poses new challenges to ensure that machines do not contribute to a large-scale system of disinformation and do not also increase the loneliness of those who are already alone, depriving us of the warmth that only communication between people can provide. It is important to guide artificial intelligence and algorithms, so that there is in each individual a responsible awareness of the use and development of these different forms of communication that go hand in hand with social media and the Internet. It is necessary for communication to be oriented towards a fuller life of the human person.”

Thus Artificial Intelligence will enter for a second time as a topic in papal teaching in the 2024 Message for the World Day of Peace. Pope Francis already addressed the topic of  Artificial Intelligence, but not exclusively, in an address to the participants in a congress in March 2023, promoted by the Dicastery for Education and Culture. On that occasion he spoke of caution with algorithms and also Artificial Intelligence.

The World Days of Social Communications are the only ones that arose after Vatican Council II. They are held around the Solemnity of the Lord’s Ascension. The theme is usually made known on the feast of Saint Michael and the Message is published on the feast of Saint Francis of Sales.

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