120 delegates and guests of the four vocations that make up the Federation are taking part Photo: Regnum Christi

Pope Francis to the Regnum Christi and the Legionaries of Christ: “That Their Aspiration Be Encouraged To Be Always True Apostles”

The General Convention of the Regnum Christi Family began with a letter of Pope Francis to the delegates of the different components of that ecclesial family

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(ZENIT News / Rome, 29.04.2024).- On Monday, April 29, the first ordinary General Convention of the Regnum Christi opened in Rome. 120 delegates and guests of the four vocations that make up the Federation are taking part: Legionaries of Christ, Consecrated Women of the Regnum Christi, Consecrated Laymen of the Regnum Christi and lay members.

Pope Francis made himself present in that General Convention through a letter.

The missive, addressed to the President of the Federation, Fr John Connor, LC, says:

Dear Father:

I have received a letter, also in the name of the Regnum Christi, in which I am made participant of the first General Convention of that Federation, which will take place from April 29 to May 4 in Rome.

I thank all for this gesture of cordial closeness and I ask the Lord that the light of the Holy Spirit will help all to discern, in fidelity to the Gospel and to the Magisterium of the Church, how to make the mystery of Christ present in our days, in keeping with the vocation to which each one has been called.

Hence, I encourage all to prepare for this Convention with prayer and Eucharistic Adoration.

Likewise, I wish that this new statute will encourage their aspiration to be always true apostles, not forgetting the importance of continuing to “renew themselves constantly according to the image of their Creator” (Colossians 3:10). Today more than ever, society exacts that we be capable of giving reason for our hope in face of the contemporary challenges.

May Jesus bless you all and the Holy Virgin take care of you all. And, please, do not forget to pray for me.

The Convention opened with a Eucharistic Concelebration in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, located next to the General Direction of the Legionaries of Christ.

At the end of the Mass, the delegates went to the Chapter Room where the General Convention is being held. It began with practical aspects and then the reports were reviewed presented by the General Director of each of the consecrated vocations and the report of the General Management College.

Voted on also were the topics that the General Convention will revise and the working teams were formed, which will reflect under the methodology of “See, Judge and Act.”

“I came to this General Convention with the desire to live and share a moment with the Regnum Christi family, seeing the world under the light of the Holy Spirit and being able to discover it with new eyes and a renewed heart, sharing life and sharing our charism in all the branches and being able to see what the world needs and see what we can do to respond to that,” said Maria Fioretta, of the territory of Italy.

Daniel Bizzo, consecrated layman of the territory of Mexico and Central America said: “I’m a native of Brazil and currently I live in Mexico. I work in the central office of the network of Regnum Christi schools, the Semper Altius network and Prepa Anáhuac in the area of projects and I also work in youth pastoral care of the Territory of Mexico and Central America. I come to his Convention with much excitement to learn, to share experiences, to reflect more on our charism  and to discover where God is calling us to in the coming years and what He wants us to contribute to the world.”

For more details on this Convention go to: https://www.convenciongeneralrc.org/ Shared on Regnum Christi’s whatsapp channel are daily contents relating to it (link).

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