VATICAN CITY, FEB. 14, 2001 ( At a time when humanity is trying to establish a "new world order," John Paul II proposed a new era "of peace with God and among men," brought by Christ.

In the new era brought by Christ, the Pope explained at today´s general audience, "God and man, man and woman, humanity and nature are in harmony, in dialogue, in communion."

Thus, the Bishop of Rome continued with the series of midweek meditations, on man´s end and his relation with creation, in the light of biblical passages. Never before, as in recent weeks, has the Pope quoted the Book of Apocalypse so much.

The authentic new era is nothing other than the re-establishment of the lost relation between God and man. Addressing 4,000 faithful from 13 countries, gathered in Paul VI Hall, the Holy Father said that "Christ must cancel the work of devastation, the horrible idolatry, violence and every sin that the rebellious Adam has spread in the secular affairs of humanity and on the horizon of creation."

"He ´recapitulates´ Adam in himself, in whom the whole of humanity recognizes itself; he transfigures him into son of God, he brings him to full communion with the Father," the Pope explained.

Christ´s new era also embraces "nature itself ... subjected as it is to lack of meaning, degradation and devastation caused by sin," which will thus participate "in the joy of the deliverance brought about by Christ in the Holy Spirit."

This is a plan that Jesus, following his victory over sin and death, with his resurrection "is carrying out mysteriously but effectively in the present reality." However, this "work will reach completion in the fulfillment of history when -- as Paul, again, reminds us -- ´God may be everything to every one.´"