The 2013 Major League Baseball World Series presents a rematch of the contenders from 2004: the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. Celebrating the opportunity for the Cardinals to redeem themselves, the Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis has proposed a friendly wager with Cardinal Sean O’Malley, archbishop of Boston.

Both towns and both teams enjoy a rich history when it comes to baseball, America’s pastime. This history includes taking pride in supporting the hometown baseball team to victory. At the same time, each diocese has a strong tradition when it comes to supporting the marginalized through the great work of Catholic Charities.

If the St. Louis Cardinals win the series, Cardinal Sean O’Malley will make a $100 donation to Catholic Charities St. Louis and if the Boston Red Sox have a repeat of 2004 with a series win, Archbishop Carlson will make a $100 donation to Catholic Charities Boston.

“May the Lord’s blessing fall upon the players of both teams," said Archbishop Carlson. "May they play to the best of their ability and without any injuries. As we celebrate the joy that comes from friendly competition, let us also call to mind the mission of the Church as evidenced in the great work of Catholic Charities.”