In Pakistan, police have saved a Christian family accused of blasphemy from being lynched, reported Fides.

There had been a new accusation of blasphemy in the town of Farooqabad, in Punjab, against young man, Awais Qamar, which followed when neighbors saw him use a piece of cloth as a mat on the floor of his house which presumably had verses from the Koran written on the piece of cloth.

After being informed by the neighbors of what they saw, the imam of the nearby mosque instigated the crowd. Violently, the Muslims took Awais, his wife Rukhsanae, his sister-in-law Farhana, shaved their hair, painted their faces black. Having brought them in procession through the village, they began to beat them.

At that point, only the intervention of the police in Sheikhupura prevented the lynching. The officers also arrested the local imam who attempted to incite the crowd against the police.  (D.C.L.)