Even wrinkles “have a beauty” and they are “a promise,” stressed Pope Francis in the seventh episode of the TV program “I believe” on the theme of “the resurrection of the flesh,” broadcast on March 30, 2020, on Tv2000, the television channel of the Italian Episcopal Conference. Talking with Father Marco Pozza, chaplain of the Padua prison, the Holy Father spoke of “ the decline of our health, of our natural beauty.” And he mentioned actress Anna Magnani, who answered those who suggested that she have her wrinkles smoothed: “No, no, leave them as they are, I put in so many years to have them . . . “ “We always seek to cover what is ugly and we are used to doing so; we don’t believe that these things have a beauty and that they are a promise,” he continued, recalling eternal life. The Pontiff encouraged:  “The anchor is a symbol of hope . . . cast it there and pick up the rope. If we have our hands on the rope of hope, we will be on a good path.” One can also “talk with the dead, talk with our ancestors because there is the first resurrection -- and then it will be universal for all -- but they are already before God,” he explained.